Belize's Best Organic Grocery Store Moves to San Pedro

If you live in Belize, you’ve probably already heard that the finest gourmet deli in the country is soon expanding to San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. We at Mahogany Bay Village are thrilled to be chosen as the newest location of owner Ian Anderson’s highly-acclaimed Farm House Deli. If you aren’t familiar with Belize’s most authentic Old-World style delicatessen, let us explain our enthusiasm!

The Farm House Deli produces some of the finest foods in Belize. Cured meats, artisanal cheeses, delightful desserts, cage-free organic eggs, organic produce, and freshly-baked breads are just a few products that the robust deli / grocery store offers. Recently they have also added specialty items such as kefir, kombucha, and other fermented goods such as pickles and sauerkraut to their repertoire. Almost every item in Farm House Deli’s extensive selection is made in-house by local Belizean specialists, or by members of the local community.

Ian Anderson is one of over a dozen entrepreneurs that have joined the growing momentum at Mahogany Bay Village in the past year alone. The 60-acre resort village began construction in July of 2013 and has since built over a quarter of a million square feet of residences, hotel units, retail space, and amenities. In June of 2016, the company announced that its resort component had been branded Curio by Hilton®, marking entry of the first luxury brand into the country of Belize. Most recently, Mahogany Bay Village has partnered with the iconic magazine and lifestyle brand, Coastal Living®, to offer lifestyle tours to Belize for readers considering to make the seaside lifestyle of Ambergris Caye a reality. (A section of Mahogany Bay Village features private luxury townhouses, villas, and two-story single family homes for sale as part-time or full-time residences.)

Ian Anderson of Farm House Deli with Mahogany Bay Village developer and CEO, Beth Clifford.

These recent milestones have caught the attention of investors and entrepreneurs both in Belize and internationally, and Mahogany Bay Village now boasts 16 retail partners who are soon opening for businesses in the village downtown. Mahogany Bay Village is opening in 2017 as a Hilton and will be the largest hotel in the country, complete with event space and private pristine beach. For entrepreneurs looking to expand or relocate, Mahogany Bay Village is now leasing retail space and always welcomes new business ideas!

Ian Anderson hosts the first Mahogany Bay Market Day, with a wide variety of Farm House Deli goods.

The Farm House Deli is expected to open on the island in the first quarter of 2017. Until the store’s expansion to San Pedro, residents of Ambergris Caye have only had access to Farm House Deli’s gourmet goods through the San Pedro Farmers Market up north and most recently at Mahogany Bay Market Day on San Pedro’s south side. Fortunately, the variety on the island will soon multiply when the Farm House Deli & General Store opens in their brand new permanent 4,000 sq ft location at Mahogany Bay Village. The new site will boast not only a full-service deli and cafe, but an extensive fruit and vegetable juice bar, homemade gelato and ice cream, full wine and liquor selection, bakery, and of course their organic produce, famous meats, cheeses, and incredible sandwiches!  In addition, the store will sell basic travel and home necessities as well as unique handmade Belizean gifts. Suffice to say that there will be something for everyone at the Farm House Deli at Mahogany Bay Village!

The Farm House Deli’s newest and largest location to date, at Mahogany Bay Village on San Pedro's south side.

If you find yourself in San Pedro this spring, head south and pay the Farm House Deli a visit. Bring your appetite, because we wouldn't recommend leaving without trying one of their famous reuben sandwiches!

Just one version of the Farm House Deli’s reuben sandwich.

Please follow us on social media for the most updated information on new business openings in the village, and for reminders about Mahogany Bay Market Day. Besides Farm House Deli, Market Day hosts over a dozen local vendors from the Ambergris Caye community selling homemade and artisanal products unavailable elsewhere. Join us Saturday, January 28th, or any following 2nd / 4th Saturday of each month for a taste of San Pedro!
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