Robert Kiyosaki and Real Estate Investors Visit Mahogany Bay Village

Team members from Mahogany Bay Village and Caribbean Homes & Exports listen to Robert Kiyosaki speak.

We go to school to learn to work hard for money. I write books and create products that teach people how to have money work hard for them.
— Robert Kiyosaki

Robert Kiyosaki is the best-selling personal finance author in history.

On April 6, 2017 San Pedro welcomed Robert Kiyosaki and over 100 private investors, real estate authors, and personal finance educators for a tour of the new resort and residential development at Mahogany Bay Village on Ambergris Caye, Belize. The group was part of The Real Estate Guys™ 15th annual Investor Summit at Sea™.

The Real Estate Guys are Robert Helms and Russell Gray, and their popular radio show has been on the air for two decades. In fact, Helms created the show in 1997, which was the same year that Kiyosaki wrote his New York Times Bestseller, Rich Dad, Poor Dad. This book has made Robert Kiyosaki the greatest selling personal finance author in history, with over 26 million copies sold. Rich Dad, Poor Dad is a book about the authors' life lessons in money from his two "dads," one who followed the traditional route with a PhD and full-time job, the other who was a builder and investor who taught him the concept "the rich don't work for money — they make money work for them."

              The #1 personal finance best-selling book of all time, Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki.

We are so pleased and appreciative that Robert Kiyosaki pledged his time to speak to nearly 90 individuals from construction, housekeeping, and operations, from both Caribbean Homes & Exports and Mahogany Bay Village.

Kiyosaki spoke of the paths in life that lead to success, and stressed the importance of a financial education outside of the classroom, "My rich dad simply taught me how the rich think . . . school will never teach you about money." Kiyosaki worked for 20 years for his "rich dad" without pay, instead he traded his manual labor and construction work in exchange for knowledge on business, investment, and life. 

Developer and CEO, Beth Clifford, wrapped up the talk with glimpses into her personal history and how her choices have led to where she's at now. She also emphasized that mentorship was the key to her success, and encourages individuals at every stage in their career to "ask for help from somebody smarter than you."

"Do you want to be a subcontractor here? I'll help," said Beth Clifford.

She also promised training on Rich Dad, Poor Dad to any member of either of her companies who is interested in real estate investing or entrepreneurship. "We're a family here, we're not here to keep you here, we're here to help you find the next best thing in your life," said Beth.

One Belizean team member from accounting, Tina Gil, contributed a few words toward the end of the talks, "As a Belizean society we tend to think of failing as failure — but all it really means is that it didn't work the way you were doing it and you just have to find another way."

Mahogany Bay Village Developer and CEO, Beth Clifford, addressed her teams about their dreams and helping them reach the next step in their careers.

Beth also offered assistance to members of her companies for education and mentorship.

Among the many other accomplished faculty members on the Summit at Sea were: G. Edward Griffin, Ken McElroy, Peter Schiff, Simon Black, and Tom Hopkins. These individuals are thought leaders in the worlds of economics and investment, and largely adhere to the mindset promoting financial independence by investing in “hard assets” such as real estate — which, unlike stocks, is a product that will always hold intrinsic value based on its utility.

Many of the Summit attendees were entrepreneurs, small business owners, authors, and real estate investors or aspiring "students" of all ages, networking and pursing their financial education. In addition there were numerous young people, an assured sign that millennials are taking it upon themselves to get educated on investing for a secure financial future. This is an annual event each spring that attracts many repeat participants in a growing and dynamic network of influential people. For information on attending next year's Real Estate Guys Summit at Sea, visit Summit Info.

CEO and developer of Mahogany Bay Village, Beth Clifford, welcomed the investor group of 120 into The Great House and talked about creating value for investors and maximizing revenue as a hotel.

The group enjoyed an elaborate catered lunch of sushi from JYOTO Japanese Restaurant & Sushi, and Taco Shack prepared a full spread of traditional Belizean tacos and fixings.

Meanwhile, while Kiyosaki spoke to the Mahogany Bay team, the 120 Summiteers toured Mahogany Bay Village's Great House and model units, and were greeted with a surprise first look at the village's bean-to-bar craft chocolate shop, Mahogany Chocolate

The Mahogany Chocolate team's hard work made the event a great success!

The Mahogany Chocolate team worked diligently for a week prior to receive and setup all the special machinery and display cases, not to mention prepare chocolates for a group of 120! They made well over 500 pieces for the event. The featured truffle wa a new take on bananas foster: filling made with sugar, cinnamon, butter, bananas, and rum — then infused with chocolate ganache and piped into a 65% dark chocolate square. The truffle presented well and got rave reviews! Other truffles included: a classic dark chocolate truffle, a Carmel sea salt truffle, blueberry truffle, raspberry compote truffle, a dark chocolate ganache with sea salt, a tahini truffle, a berry-blend truffle, a coffee ganache truffle, a stout beer truffle, and 65% dark chocolate tasting squares. Needless to say the Mahogany Chocolate team is certainly not short on creativity! In fact, there was even hot and cold drinking chocolate on tap — a huge hit as you can imagine! Each visitor walked away with a small gift bag of Mahogany Chocolate cacao nibs to snack on back at sea.

Local flute player, Pablo Collado, adds ambiance with his ethereal music. Beside him are cacao beans from three different farms in Toledo, Belize that Mahogany Chocolate sources from.

A cacao pod grows on the cacao tree on the porch of Mahogany Chocolate, located in downtown Mahogany Bay Village.

The team at Mahogany Chocolate put out over 500 chocolate pieces for the Summit at Sea™ visit to Mahogany Bay Village. 

In all, it was one eventful day at Mahogany Bay Village! The Summit at Sea group reembarked that afternoon in Belize City, and were off to their next location in the Caribbean for more investment education, networking, and just plain fun. Mahogany Bay Village thanks Robert Kiyosaki and Ken McElroy for their time, and all of the group for the chance to welcome you to the village!

For more information becoming an owner or opening a business at Mahogany Bay Village, join us on a Coastal Living Lifestyle Weekend trip to determine if Belize is right for you!

For more information and videos on Robert Kiyosaki, visit his official Facebook page

The Resort at Mahogany Bay Village, Curio Collection by Hilton is opening to the public in 2017. The retail village is now open to the public daily, offering such businesses as Rum+Bean, Road to Cayo, Blue Bonefish, Polish Salon, Mahogany Chocolate, Taco Shack, and three others opening soon — The Hive, Farm House Deli and JYOTO Japanese Restaurant & Sushi Bar. In addition, Mahogany Bay holds a biweekly not-to-miss Mahogany Bay Market Day every second and fourth Saturday of the month!

Laura Balis